Moving Policy

Move-in Process
Upon signing the lease, Tenant will receive the keys to their space.  If the Building Manager has not already contacted the Tenant, Tenant should call the Building Management Office at 212-922-9061 to review move-in policies and procedures.
Tenant must reserve the freight elevators and inform the Building Management Office of any and all deliveries expected during move-in.  The Building Management Office will provide a list of sundry charges to the tenant regarding any expenses the tenant may incur during the move-in.
Move-out Process

Upon moving out of space, tenant is responsible for returning keys to office space and must submit forwarding information to the Building Manager.  Tenant must reserve time to utilize the freight elevator with the Building Management Office, through Building Engines, in order to move any office equipment/supplies from space. Tenant must submit to Building Management Office a copy of the movers’, contractors’, and their company’s certificates of insurance. Tenant’s space will be inspected by the Building Manager prior to move-out to assure the area has not been damaged, above and beyond normal wear and tear.  Tenant is responsible for all costs to restore damage to premises or dispose of any furniture or debris that remains after vacate date.
Please contact your Building Management Office for further questions or additional information on the move-in / move-out procedures.
One set of keys is provided to each tenant together with one set of bathroom keys.  All tenants must have their entrance door locks keyed to the building grand master.