General Office Security

Incident Reports 
To record the details of any incident, theft, or injury that occurs on the property, incident reports must be filed.  Please notify the Building Management Office as soon as an incident occurs so we can follow up with the appropriate action.  All incidents are reviewed by Building Management.
Security of Tenant Premises 
In order to protect and secure tenant areas, the following measures are recommended:
  • Screen unauthorized persons who enter the premises by requiring them to present identification.  Never allow visitors to roam freely through your office space.  If you have any doubts as to whether a person should be allowed in, request the assistance the Property Management Team or the Police Department. Security officers are not permitted to leave their posts, but will request the assistance of a Security supervisor, Building Staff, or Police.
  • Maintain careful control of distribution of office keys.  Report lost keys immediately to the Facility or Office Manager.
  • Make sure your office is locked every night.  Designate a member of your staff to be responsible for checking that doors are securely locked.
  • Clearly mark any discarded office equipment, such as computers, typewriters, etc., with the word “TRASH” in permanent ink. This may require a receptacle request through Building Engines.
  • If your space has an alarm system, ensure that it is serviceable and armed when the space is closed.