Building Access

Photo ID Badges
An access card system makes 521 Fifth Avenue’s lobby accessible 24 hours a day.  Tenants can gain access to the building by following these access procedures:
  • Tenants must use their access cards to gain access to the elevators.  Turnstiles are located in the lobby.  If a tenant does not have a valid access card, he or she will not be admitted to the elevator lobbies without prior approval from the tenant contact.
  • Each tenant must designate an Authorized Tenant Representative who will act as the administrator of photo ID badges for his or her organization. The authorized representative will be expected to collect ID badges from terminated employees and inform SL Green.
  • Lost or stolen badges must be reported to the Building Management Office immediately at 212-922-9061. 
  • Building access cards can be obtained at the Property Management Office. Requests must be made via Building Engines with an attached headshot.

  • Visitors are required to present photo identification to lobby staff. In addition to requesting photo identification, lobby staff maintains a visitor log. Visitors who are unable to present a legitimate form of identification are not permitted building access.
  • If you are expecting a contractor regarding work being performed in your space, you are required to submit a work permit to the building office via Building Engines.  The work order must include a description of what the contractor will be doing.  If he is going to be performing any work, a valid Certificate of Insurance a must be submitted to the building office along with the work permit via Building Engines. 
Access for the Physically Challenged 
  • 521 Fifth Ave has designated entrances, exits, and lavatories for the physically challenged.  Contact your Building Management Office for details.